5 simple and quick healthy recipes that can be prepared in the evening

Today, everyone takes responsibility to be full of vitality and joy of life. Some sign up for a gym and go there several times a week, others buy sneakers. running and go for a run when others opt for yoga or pilates. Also, everyone is starting to cook these days, as many have taken advantage of their imprisonment to purchase kitchen equipment to cook delicious meals for their families. From now on fashion healthyso it’s time to get down to business and discover 5 healthy recipes and delicious!

1st healthy fall recipe: pumpkin soup

Whoever says that it is autumn, says that autumn is vegetables and especially pumpkins. Halloween is over, but there are still plenty of pumpkins in the fields to pick and enjoy. So why not just make pumpkin soup? All you need is a pumpkin and some carrots. We peel them, cut them and immerse them in water for half an hour. All you have to do is mix and serve, with 0% cream!

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Healthy recipes: 2nd – endive salad

Endive is one of the vegetables found in autumn. Endive can be eaten raw as a salad and can be accompanied by slices of apple – which soften its acidity – and walnut kernels, all well mixed and seasoned with a little sauce based on lemon juice: a delight that makes this recipe one of healthy recipes autumn is the easiest and best.

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A third good plan for healthy recipes: PUMPKIN GRATEN

Squashes are also a fall vegetable and come in many different varieties. So why not mix a few varieties into a delicious baked dish with some of the mushrooms we’ve picked to discover the wonderful colors that nature offers us in the fall?

Healthy Recipes: Don’t Forget Dessert!

Autumn is also a couple of apples and pears, which, of course, can be eaten raw, but from which you can make delicious pies. Peel the fruit and cut it into thin slices. Then we top it with pie dough – perfectly homemade – apple slices in a circle, then pear slices and alternate between the two fruits for a delicious dessert that doesn’t need any added sugar! Gourmets will add a little fresh 0% fat cream after serving.

Autumn healthy recipes: the latest?

For those who like a mixture of sweet and salty, autumn is good, because most vegetables – walnut, chestnut, pumpkin, squash – go very well with apples. So for a colorful finale why not grate it all and serve with an orange vinaigrette, announcing healthy recipes winter?

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