9 recipes to taste urgently

Or find a Olympic uniformstart a healthy food or restore to feed in hand after some excess during the holidays, soup is our winter ally. To diversify the dishes, we offer a selection 9 soups that are good for the body.

Detox Soup: Focus on Veggies!

In winter, vegetables are our allies to survive the season with all the necessary strength. That’s why we take the opportunity to cook leek, them potato or even broccoli. The beets and cabbage should not be left out of consideration if you want to drink original and healthy soups. You’re not a big fan lentils ? Mix them together to make a rich soup iron Enhance the flavor of your soups with turmeric, ginger or zest lemon and enjoy their many benefits.

Detox soup: benefits of vegetables for the body

Winter can weaken us. Therefore, a healthy diet is welcome during this period. What to fill vitamins who will come boost our immune defenses. The same applies to trace elements and magnesium. To regain control and shed a few extra pounds, rely on these rich vegetables fibers which evoke a feeling satiety after a few bites.


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