A delicious and simple recipe for a super trendy vegetable veloute!

Be careful, the velouté is not a soup. In reality, if nothing else is changed, the texture and softness of the velouté that the cream provides makes it… veloute.

During his live broadcast on M6, Tous en cuisine, to celebrate the end of the year, Cyril Lignac shared his favorite recipe for puff pastry soup with mushrooms, chestnut velouté or even the most original – watercress salad. And while he’s back on the air (until next time), the chef continues to share his tips on RTL every morning. This is January 12 – a recipe for cream of pumpkin soup, his sweet sin, carrots, potatoes, leeks, spinach and mushrooms. But what does choice matter, because when you’re making a vegetable velouté, ” The main thing is to put the vegetables you want and mix them to get the soup you like.” Beautiful words from Cyril Linjac, who then explains the recipe:

Step 1

start with caramelize your vegetables in a pan with oil and a little grape seed oil.

2nd step

Put water with a bay leaf, thyme, vegetables in a pot and cook 20 or 30 minutes depending on the size of the cut vegetables

Step 3

Then mix with a small amount condensed cream.

To accompany, you can do small toasts with a little unsalted butter and grated Gruyere that you toast in the oven.

This is a great method to get those who push them away to eat spinach!

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