Data pipelines are like supply chains for modern, data-driven enterprises. When data pipelines break, business slows down, or even worse, grinds to a halt. That’s where Acceldata comes in. Acceldata delivers a comprehensive data observability platform that delivers end to end visibility across hybrid data pipelines allowing telecommunications companies to deliver competitive products and services through reliable data.
Our platform monitors and manages complex, inter-connected data systems that are composed of many technologies, many sources, and operating environments including on-prem, hybrid, or cloud. We deliver the deepest data observability, spanning metrics, logs, and data quality to improve reliability, accelerate scale, and lower costs for real-time AI and analytics workloads. Companies turn to Acceldata to replace internal silo’d data environments with a single, scalable platform that offers a holistic view of the health of their data processing, data quality and data pipelines. As an AI/ML-based platform, Acceldata predicts, identifies, and resolves problems before SLAs are breached, helps implement data governance at scale, and offers rapid and significant improvements in data team productivity and data system performance.
Our data observability platform consists of 3 applications which can be purchased together or separately. When purchased together, the combination ensures enterprises have scalable data processing, quality and reliable data, and the ability to visualize data as it travels through the data pipeline from ingestion to consumption.
Pulse – is typically used by IT and ops teams to prevent outages and achieve SLAs, scale data processing and optimize resources and costs.
Torch – offers a data catalog combined with an ML-based recommendation engine to increase data quality, validation and reliability at scale. It ensures data teams deliver accurate and timely data to consumers with reduced manual effort.
Flow (in beta) – offers end to end visibility of data as it flows through a data pipeline. The product tracks every data transaction, application handshake and data transformation as it moves across hybrid data lakes and warehouses. This detailed visibility dentifies bottlenecks in a pipeline and allows business owners to align data costs with business objectives. Companies using Acceldata’s data observability platform have experienced:

  • Reduced annual software licensing costs by $2-5M
  • Scaled data infrastructure by 10X
  • Improved existing system capacity and savings of an additional $1M+ in projected CAPEX
  • No unplanned outages and Sev 1 issues for over eleven (11) months, allowing data teams to focus on growing the business
  • Optimizing HDFS storage by 25% – 35%