Cabbage soup pleased the taste buds

There are always bushels. It was shared by many regulars who have been faithful for many years in the beautifully renovated premises of the village meeting. Until the very late evening, the event was filled with more than 500 guests.

A highlight for all generations

However, for 47 years, the association of residents of the district has had the secret of preparation. The whole village is partying and gathering for this meeting, which no one wanted to miss. A highlight that encourages the entire organizing team is the presence of young people who are happy to share this time of fellowship with the elders and contribute to the preparation as well as the service during the evening.

With the first chills in the warm atmosphere of the village meeting, we were happy to try this traditional dish, cooked in jugs, on an old-fashioned fire. Cabbage soup was accompanied by thin sausages and lean lard, which were cooked in the broth at the same time as the vegetables. All the teams in training have undeniable know-how!

It is great to see all generations working together to make this meeting time a success. In these two days, the banal furnace also resumed work. Well warmed in advance, the bakery gave off its good smells of wood earlier, loaves and crowns, invite guests to taste the crispy taste.

A festive atmosphere prevailed on Saturday at the village meeting, where faithful friends and sympathizers, attached to the authenticity of this organization, met.

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