here are the 3 best soup recipes to lose belly fat and they are easy to make!

Light meals or meals for weight loss have long been associated with the concepts of “bland” and “boring”, but this is only because many of us limit ourselves to simple recipes that we have known for a long time, without trying to experiment with more flavors. But the day of glory has come! here are some recipe ideas who will help us slim our belly entertaining us!

Lose weight: why soups are our best allies to improve our stomach?

The soups are an excellent means of losing weight. Thanks to their high water content, they help us get full quickly. Soups also help preserve the natural fibers of the vegetables used. Since they are not cooked over high heat, they also retain the nutritional value of the vegetables. Experts often recommend water-based soups over cream-based soups because some studies suggest dairy can cause fat gain. On the other hand, according to Dr. Shika Sharma’s book 101 Tips to Lose Weight, water soups are more easily digested and also help prevent dehydration and provide a constant supply nutrients.

Soup for weight loss: how to preserve useful substances and vitamins of vegetables?

A loss vitamins inevitable in any culinary preparation. The vegetable-based soups however, they remain a good source of vitamins and other nutrients when properly prepared. Here are some tips on how to save as much as possible vitamins and nutrients in our soups :

Tip #1: The fresher the better!

When you cook fresh vegetables, use them as soon as possible. Over time, a significant loss of vitamins occurs in vegetables. If using broccoli and other green vegetables, rinse them in cold water to remove all dirt.

Tip 2: Don’t wait until the vegetables are thawed to cook them

If, on the contrary, you are cooking vegetables frozen in your soups, it is not necessary to defrost beforehand. Adding them while still frozen avoids loss vitamins water soluble.

Tip #3: Use sliced ​​or diced vegetables quickly

In addition to losing some vitamins when the peel is discarded by cutting, grinding or mixing vegetables produces the release of enzymes that oxidize and destroy vitamins that vitamin A. To minimize losses, use vegetables cut quickly.

Tip #3: Quick cooking is your friend!

Long, slow cooking is more destructive than rapid cooking for a short time. For rapid destruction of enzymes vegetables which oxidize vitamins, quickly place the vegetables in the boiling water. Covering the pan tightly during cooking or storage preserves the nutritional value, especially vitamin C.

Ok, now all you have to do is choose soup what do you prefer!


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