I can cook, 1000 gestures to become autonomous (Les Arènes) I can cook

Editions Les Arènes had great success with his album: I know how to do it, with the study of 1000 autonomous gestures in everyday life. This time it’s a special area we all love: I can cook.

This wonderful album, which is released today, will allow children to cook on their own. But the whole family will also be able to cook the 125 suggested recipes!

There is something for everyone: savory recipes (eggs with mimosa, beans in vinaigrette, soup, stuffed vegetables, quiche, etc.), sweet recipes (brioche, yogurt cake, rice pudding, chocolate mousse, etc. .) and many surprises. , everything is amazing!

Not only is the recipe very well explained, but the many photos also help novice cooks. And the models are the photographer’s own daughters! Too cute!
Can’t miss a recipe!

This album also features seasonal vegetables and fruits. And how to eat them!

I can cook, 1000 gestures to become independent this is an album that can be put in all little hands and even big ones! To make cooking a pleasure for everyone!

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Publisher Information:

Release date : October 13, 2022
Author/Photographer : Nina Davidson
Illustrator : HifuMiyo
Editor : Arenas
Price : €19.90

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