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Today we are preparing a tekkadon with summer vegetables, feta and tajache olives with the chef of Jujube, a beautiful restaurant in Montmartre.

This Sunday is Tekadon, a derivative of the Japanese donburi (rice and fish dish). We follow Sanda D. Wagena, chef at Jujube (18th century Paris) to cook it up.

Let’s start with rice on vegetable broth. You will need: 1 liter of vegetable broth; 320 g of twice-broken rice; 1 teaspoon of tomato puree; 1 sweet onion; 1 teaspoon paprika; 10 ml of grape seed oil.

Chop the onion and saute in a pan. Add the rice and pearl barley, stirring gently until it becomes translucent. Dilute the concentrated tomato in a glass of hot broth and pour into the pan. Add paprika. Stir and add broth. Cover and simmer until liquid is completely absorbed. Book.

Next, let’s move on to grilled vegetables. You will need: 1 yellow bell pepper; 1 red pepper; 1 zucchini; 1 eggplant; fleur de sel; 10 ml of grape seed oil.

Cut the vegetables into strips, season and coat with grapeseed oil. Grill and reserve.

Place now in a bowl of olives, tomatoes and feta. You will need: 200 g of tomatoes; 50 g of pitted Taggiasche olives; 100 g of feta cheese; 5 ml of lemon juice; 10 ml of extra virgin olive oil; 1 pinch of fleur de sel; basil, coriander, parsley… as desired.

Peel the tomatoes and chop them. Chop the herbs and olives. In a salad bowl, emulsify the salt, lemon juice and oil. Add the greens, tomatoes, olives, feta and mix well.

Then we prepare a seasoning of palm nuts 1 box of pureed red palm nuts, purchased from African grocery stores; 80 g of shrimp powder; 50 ml of water; 80 g sati: 1 tsp ginger powder; 1 tsp chili powder.

Mix all the ingredients and simmer for twenty minutes. Book.

Finally, make room for the grilled tuna. You will need 4 loins of tuna (plates of 130 g); salt; a drop of olive oil.

Heat a pan or broiler to seal. Meanwhile, brush the tuna steaks with oil and rub with a little salt. Grill quickly on all 4 sides and let rest.

Now to assembly. Put 4 tablespoons of spicy rice in a bowl or a small salad bowl and sprinkle with seasoning, spread the fried vegetables on half of the rice. Arrange the sashimi cut tuna on the other half. And at the end, sprinkle the dish with olives. Serve immediately. For a little extra kick, you can grill a lime cut in half and smoke the dish to give it a spicy and smoky flavor.

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