What to eat with soup?

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The soup is delicious… But with what recipes should it be combined to make the dish complete? Discover our ultra-sophisticated selection for soups.

It is often prepared with vegetables, but you can diversify the pleasure by adding pasta, meat … Whatever soup you choose for your meal, you will definitely feel comfortable. Served hot, it’s perfect for the cooler months of the year. But what to accompany it to please all the taste buds? Without further ado, here are our recipes to come up with if you are planning to make a soup. Let’s go!

With quiche…

You can easily bet on a quiche to accompany your soup. With cheese, vegetables or simply with Lorraine quiche… You decide what goes best with your soup:

Quiche with leek, goat cheese and bacon

Kish Lorraine

A generous puff pastry quiche

Tart with onions and smoked bacon

Quiche with spinach and goat cheese

With toasts…

Sandwiches are perfect to accompany soups because they are quick and easy to prepare and provide the perfect consistency when you need to fill up. So which one are you going to bite into?

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Toast with goat cheese, smoked ham and honey

Toast with mustard and Gruyere cheese

Croutons made of cottage cheese

Tartine with goat cheese and honey

Egg Mimosa Toast

With eggs…

We all have a few eggs in the fridge… So why not use them to enhance soups? You can cook the eggs soft-boiled or hard-boiled and gently fold them into the soup when serving. Otherwise, you can choose one of our favorite recipes. Discover them:

Regular scrambled eggs

Egg casserole with bacon

beer eggs

Cuckoo eggs in a bread nest

Potato and bacon omelette

With layer cake, bricks, etc.

To add some crunch and flavor… What could be better than little puff pastry or bricks! These recipes are easy to eat with your hands and you can change the toppings. It is perfect for a family dinner.

In laminated Ham

Tuna and leek sticks

Goat cheese and apple puff pastry

A layer with tuna

Chicken and curry sticks

With meat…

This time the side dish is meat… Veal or turkey cutlets, roast chicken, roast veal… The choice is yours! The recipe you like is up to you:

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Escalope en papillote

Dijon roast pork

Baked chicken

Turkey cutlet with boursin

Fry the veal in the oven

Drizzle over the soup…

You can also choose your toppings, choosing one or more ingredients to add to your soup at the last minute. Throw in some cheese cubes, bacon bits, walnuts, toasted hazelnuts and even pumpkin or sunflower seeds…

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